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Be the Change Collective

We are a collective dedicated to creating positive change. To us, that starts with improving conditions for children living in vulnerable life situations around the world.

Our vision is that all children have their basic needs met and the tools to develop themselves into successful members of their community.

We support locally led initiatives with funding, networks and tools so they can sustain and scale ideas that help vulnerable children thrive.

Be the Change Collective is an initiative started by actor, entrepreneur and philanthropist Joel Kinnaman and his sister, social entrepreneur and anthropologist Sandra Kinnaman.

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Our values

To make a difference, we need courageous individuals who can inspire others with their vision for change. Our goal is to assist those actively creating positive transformations. By empowering local changemakers and linking them with resources and networks, we can support solutions tailored to local needs and expertise.
To solve tough problems, it’s crucial to truly understand and empathize with the challenges. The people living in those situations already possess this understanding, and we collaborate with them to boost their ideas and visions.
We focus on family values, taking the time to build strong relationships with our partners. We believe trust grows through ongoing collaboration, open communication, and honesty. Our goal is to minimize power imbalances within our collective, creating opportunities for learning and sharing knowledge.
We use capital efficiently by directing resources to existing local initiatives worldwide. This approach, from target identification to continuous monitoring, ensures positive outcomes for children while minimizing operational overhead.

We strive to support initiatives that challenge the status quo, and that want to test new ideas and approaches to the problems they face.

In order to create impactful solutions to complex problems, a deep understanding and empathy to the complexity of the problem is needed. The people living within the context have this, and we work with them to empower and support their ideas and visions.

In order to create change we need brave individuals that have the ability to engage others around their vision of change. We want to support the people that are creating the change we need to see in the world. By empowering local change agents, and connecting them with resources, capacity building and networks, we are able to support solutions with local sensitivity and know-how.

Bali Life Foundation

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Be The Change Collective supports the yearly operations of Bali Life’s Street Kid Center and Women’s workshop.

“Every child should have the opportunity to create a dignified life in pursuit of their dreams”

How it all started

March 2019
In Bali in March 2019, Joel befriended a surf coach named Dika. Curious by nature, Joel asked Dika about his life and found out that he was raised in an orphanage run by an organization called Bali Life Foundation. Hearing how dearly Dika spoke of this place, Joel asked if he could pay them a visit to see their work in action. Joel was deeply touched and impressed by the support offered by Bali Life to the children living there, and several of the kids even joined him and Dika for surf sessions.
December 2019
Fast forward to December 2019. During a family holiday Joel invited all of the children at Bali Life Foundation to a New Year's pool party and lunch, and he also paid visits to Bali Life Foundations’ other projects. He visited the Suwung community, where Bali Life Foundation supports women and children living in and collecting trash from a big garbage dump. In addition, Joel visited Street Kid Center, where Bali Life Foundation supports children and their mothers that previously earned their livelihoods by begging on the streets of Kuta and Seminyak.
March 2020
In March 2020 when the Covid pandemic became a fact and Bali closed its borders to tourism, Bali Life Foundation lost a huge amount of its funding. Meanwhile, poverty was increasing rapidly on the island as many families couldn’t provide for themselves due to the lack of work in the tourism sector.
March 2020 - Launch
The same year, Be The Change Collective was founded. We decided to support the overall operations of Bali Life Foundation so that they could continue their activities by serving some of the most vulnerable communities and children in Bali. When all of the Indonesian schools closed down, Bali Life became an important factor in supporting children with their online learning, providing laptops and homework support.
In 2021 Be The Change Collective partnered with Bali Life Foundation to become the main funder for their Street Kid Center and women's workshop. The Street Kid Center supports 48 children previously working as beggars, by providing schooling, daily lunches, and support to advance through public school. In the same building the Foundation runs a women's workshop, providing the mothers with skills training so that they can sustain themselves.
In 2022 Joel was shooting a movie in Mexico City. While there, he visited organizations that support children in some of the most underserved communities in and around Mexico City, in order to identify new projects to support. Our next collaboration will be announced shortly!

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You can become part of our Collective by donating to one of our collaboration projects through our donation page on California Community Foundation, a donor-advised fund. We will proudly publish your name on our social media and webpage. You also have the option to remain anonymous. If you are registered in the USA, your donations are tax deductible.

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By donating you support children’s future, allowing them an education, safety and the opportunity to enjoy friendships and play.

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